A Collaborating South

I’ll never forget the crisp fall day I walked into the sumptuous Fifth Avenue Club dressing room and was met by a fiery redhead with a fierce passion for people and the South: Ashley Stamoulis, founder of the lifestyle brand SUTHINGIRL. Two years have passed since that initial introduction, our friendship has grown and so has SUTHINGIRL. I recently sat down with Ashley and asked her to share the story about how it all began.

“One summer evening I was at home with a glass of wine in hand, reflecting on a funny moment I’d had that day while getting Botox,” Ashley remembers. Super open and down-to-earth, she’ll gladly tell you about all her beauty favorites. “Back when blogs had started to become a thing, I’d created one with the name SUTHINGIRL. So there I was that night, maybe a year later, finally inspired to write.” Ashley made her career in marketing and media before taking time off to raise her children. “Being a novice at the whole blog thing, I pressed “POST” thinking I was simply saving what I’d written that evening. Little did I know I’d shared the blog on my Facebook page!” The next morning Ashley awoke to a surprising response from her friends…wanting more! A couple of days later, she was inspired to post again and voila! SUTHINGIRL was officially born.

Ashley is quick to tell you she’s never had a set business plan; she simply follows her passion with an open heart. Coming from a southern family of entrepreneurs, she shaped her brand around something she knew, and knew well: curating the best of the southern lifestyle while collaborating and connecting small businesses in a way that leads to mutual growth. “Some of the best brand advice I received came early on: know who you are - and who you are not - and stay true to your voice,” she says.

The SUTHINGIRL voice has clearly resonated with people all over the world. SUTHINSTYLE BOXES (quarterly subscription boxes filled with fashion, food and finer things from the South curated by SUTHINGIRL) head off weekly to everywhere from California to Alabama, North Carolina to Connecticut. Ashley notes there are even SUTHINGIRL fans in England and Denmark, reminders of the impact of southern style. She says, “The South is not just a place, it’s a feeling you carry in your heart no matter where you are in the world. I remember walking through Prague with my husband and seeing something that reminded me of Macon, Georgia. That’s what makes the South so special.” Ashley’s passion for style, small businesses and the South guides and inspires her brand.

Down South, we often hear the phrase, “The more you give, the more you receive.” There is no instance where this rings truer than with Ashley. “One of the pillars of SUTHINGIRL is to create opportunities to give back and pay forward in everything we do,” says Ashley. She credits her success to hard work and dedication, the ongoing love and support from her family, and a commitment to help others grow.

Ask anyone who knows her and you’ll hear the same thing again and again: Ashley represents everything that is loved and respected about the South. With her vibrant red hair, charming Savannah accent and charisma that completely draws you in, there’s no question as to how this hard-working #girlboss and mother of three has become the success she is today. Ashley is SUTHINGIRL and everything the brand represents: giving back, sharing and celebrating the style of the South, promoting small businesses and using the brand as a platform for positivity and social responsibility to the South.

Learn more about Ashley and shop the world of SUTHINGIRL at SUTHINGIRL.COM.

                                                                                                                               --Samantha Fouche